Saturday 16 July 2016

Fire Head mod for GTA V

This mod is my first mod released for GTA V. Its not as great as other mods but its fun. One can enjoy a lot playing this mod. Click here to download

Fire head
1. Features
2. Installation
4. Thanks to

1. Flying
2. Burning peds
3. Fire fountains

You need latest to play this mod.
Just copy the "Fire file in the "scripts" folder in main GTA V directory.

To enable the mod, press NumPad1.
1. H = Start flying.
2. J + Mouse movement = Control flying direction.
3. K = Land.
4. Right Mouse Button  = Set aimed peds on fire.

Thanks to:
JulioNIB for a lot of help.
I learned modding from his blog, GTA X scripting. Also he helped me fix many bugs.
This mod couldn't have been completed without his help!!
Also thanks to Rugz007 to correct my mistakes.

Tuesday 16 June 2015

Unity 3d Game Developement

Welcome to the page guys!
Along with C# I also learn Unity. Its a game-making software.
Currently I am working on an action game. Here are some pics from the game-

Level 1-

Level 2-

Level 3 in progress....
Will add pics when level 3 is completed